Still Life takes over Alphington Community Centres popular Street Gallery

Friday 07 October 2022

Still.Life, Alphington Community Centre
Still.Life, Alphington Community Centre with artist Lee Arkapaw, 2022.

In 2021, Alphington Community Centre ran an outside gallery on the fence featuring 10 artists including painters, photographers, and poets. This street gallery proved a wonderful way for the local community to keep connected during lockdowns. 

Still.Life is the follow up project, a living 3D artwork which continues to provide a focal point for the local community.   

Still.Life is a creative collaboration between Leanne Coughlin, Executive Officer of Alphington Community Centre and artist Lee Arkapaw. Leanne dreamt up the project concept and sourced the ornate frames from hard rubbish. 

Lee implemented the project - painting the still life images using beloved objects from her home (including her old typewriter, her art books and her babushka dolls purchased years ago whilst on a trip to Russia). 

Leanne’s gloriously tacky gold frames now host Lee’s interactive art - and hang on the Alphington Community Centre fence. 

Locals are invited to complete the works by adding blooms and foliage from their gardens. And so, the Still.Life works will evolve - through neighbourhood contributions and with the seasons. 

To find out more about Lee’s creative arts practise visit her website

To find out more about how ACC builds and engages with the neighbourhood through collaborative community arts projects visit their website. 

Still.Life is supported by Yarra City Arts. The works will be on display until Christmas. 

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