Opportunity to improve access to your Art

Tuesday 03 May 2022

Groove Tunes, Tibi Consultants
Groove Tunes, 2022 at The Corner Hotel presented by Tibi Access. Photo by Juan Castro.

We are committed to supporting people with disability to live full and active lives, ensuring that Yarra is an inclusive and accessible community and a place where everyone can live well. Access to arts participation and living a rich cultural life is big part of living well. 

To help Yarra based artists and arts organisation to improve their accessibility we are offering 10 individual artists and small arts organisations the opportunity to work with Tibi Access to have their website audited.

Tibi will provide audits (to the value of $500 per applicant) to provide recommendations on how they can communicate more inclusively to audiences with a disability. 

Apply here . Applications close Monday 30 May at 5pm.  

Applicants must have an existing website. 

About Tibi Access Consultants 

Tibi has been created by Dina Bassile to change the landscape of live music, events, and venues. At the core of Tibi is a spirit of inclusivity and a will to open up gigs and events of all sizes to everyone. They work to improve the recognition and removal of barriers faced by people with disabilities.

They have worked on events from BIGSOUND Festival to Midsumma Festival and everything in between! They provide a consultancy service as well as running workshops for industry professionals and students. Tibi Access works hand in hand to ensure all customers living with disabilities' questions are answered. 



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