New Room to Create artists announced

Wednesday 15 September 2021

A person lying upside down, against a wall with a microphone reading from a piece of paper. Behind the person is a green vineyard.
Image by Keelan O'Hehir. Courtesy of the artist.

The Room to Create program pleased to announce the appointment of four new artists in residence, following an open call for Expressions of Interest. This RTC initiative provides short term studio opportunities by activating underutilised spaces within Council buildings, providing workspaces for artists, free of charge.

At North Carlton Children’s Centre, Sangeeta Sandrasegar will make use of the 12-month studio space to research new work; collecting archival material and developing research on colour fabrication and production histories. This research will inform sculptural and two-dimensional work that uses paper and fabric cut-outs, drawings, watercolours and maquettes.

At Florence Peel Centre, Jacqui Shelton and Mel Deerson will be using a studio space to develop their audio-visual work and collaborative performance practice. Over the 12 months this collaborative project will focus on the exploration of experimental embodied and vibratory sounds, while also inviting the community to participate in workshops lead by composer Aarti Jadu.

At the Hugo Wertheim Room, Wendy McLean will undertake a 6 month residency to develop her writing and illustration practice through a novella that focuses on the space between isolation and connection.

The artists were chosen through an Expressions of Interest process which was assessed by a panel of internal and external assessors (including two Room to Create Panel members). The panel were impressed with the artistic rigour of all the applications. The residencies will begin when changing restrictions allow.

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