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Wednesday 01 September 2021

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Leaps and Bounds produced its first-ever podcast based on our expanded 2021 program.

Over 12 episodes, we will be sharing insightful interviews for you to listen to from home or during your daily exercise.

In this series, we speak with various venue bookers, event organisers and artists about the importance of live music, diversity and smaller-scale events. They offer an insightful perspective into the passion of the work that goes on behind the scenes.

Episodes include Valanga Khoza giving us a taste of Southern African a capella, Rich Moffat describing his career as a venue booker on Brunswick Street and Raquel Tedesco explaining the Flamenco community in Yarra.

These events showcase the community of bookers, venues and artists working together to support ongoing creativity and expression through music in Yarra.

Leaps and Bounds is Yarra's premier music festival to support artists, live music venues and Yarra businesses. The event is currently on hold, while we wait for restrictions to ease.

To listen, head to the Leaps and Bounds website or follow us on Soundcloud.

#LiveMusicYarra #LBMF21

The podcast was produced by @eves.disrhythms Artist in Residence, through the Working for Victoria Program.

Transcripts are available on our website.


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