Video Club

Tuesday 18 August 2020

Collage of images of people involved in Video Club

Video Club: Nurturing Creativity and Connection

'Video Club: Exploring new ways to stay creative and connected' was a project funded by City of Yarra's Creative Community COVID 19 Quick Response grants and supported by the Fitzroy Learning Network.

The project enabled young peopleVide who live in social housing in Yarra to create their own short films, animations and podcasts. Over 10 weeks the club supported participants to continue to be creative despite social distancing measures by creating a consistent online space and time to meet and share ideas.

The COVID-19 crisis has had a significant on young people’s sense of freedom and connection. The project enabled young people to regain some control through documenting their own narratives, and explore the possibilities of connection in the virtual realm.

Beyond its function as a creative and artistic space, the online group sessions will also create a safe space for young people to discuss their experiences generally of life under the COVID-19 restrictions.

‘My personal experience growing up as a young person in Fitzroy’s social housing now motivates me to engage and assist young people living in my local area, particularly those in social housing’ said project coordinator Joseph Aklilu.

‘The project allowed local young people to explore their creative talents through film and other technologies, providing an opportunity to develop their skills and work with others, sharing and exchanging knowledge. We also engaged other film and media professionals to provide mentoring adding to the participants experience and understanding of the industry and future job prospects.’

To see some of the Video Club creations head to DIMWIT Studios YouTube Channel and follow them on Instagram @videoclubproject


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