2020 Melbourne Fringe Festival

Thursday 25 June 2020

Head and shoulders of a performer singing, wearing a magenta sequinned costume with long ruffled sleeves. They’re holding their hands up close to their face with fingers outstretched. In the background are purple stage lights. There is a thin white frame around the outside. The Melbourne Fringe Festival logo is in the top left corner in white, which is made up of the words Melbourne Fringe Festival 12-29 Nov 2020. In the middle of the image in large blue letters it says ARTIST REGISTRATIONS & MONEY FOR ART and underneath in large white letters it says OPEN NOW.
Yummy Deluxe, Opening Night Party, Melbourne Fringe Festival 2019. Photo by Theresa Hamilton

Melbourne Fringe Festival 2020
Artist registrations and money for art 

Artist registrations for Melbourne Fringe Festival are now open. Melbourne Fringe Festival is proudly open access, which means anyone can get involved. Plus, they’ve got loads of microgrants and bursaries on offer to help support your artistic practice in 2020. Things are a little different this year, with artist registrations for digital events open now and in-person events open on 1 July – check out their website for all the info:

Melbourne Fringe Festival  


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