Artist Sam Yong transforms Collingwood Senior Citizens Centre

Thursday 23 April 2020

Artist Sam Yong transforms Collingwood Senior Citizens Centre
Sam Yong, Collingwood Senior Citizens Centre mural, work in progress 2020

Local artist Sam Yong is currently transforming the grey exterior of the Collingwood Senior Citizens Centre into a vibrant artwork showcasing some of the region’s native flora and fauna, including some that are in danger of extinction. Sam’s mural includes a Sugar Glider, Blue Tongue Lizard, Painted Lady Butterfly, Eastern Spinebill and a Red Rumped Parrot, depicted in a setting of Banksia, Eucalypts and Chocolate Lilies.

Usually small and unnoticed, on the walls of the building these species are rendered extraordinarily large, bringing into sharp focus the plight of these tiny creatures.

Sam Yong is a painter and illustrator based in Collingwood. His work explores connections between human narratives and the environment, where the unknown and the natural world often collide. Sam’s work has been exhibited across Australia and internationally, and is currently represented by BeinArt Gallery.

This project is presented as part of the Yarra City Arts Public Art Program.

Read more about Sam Yong.


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