Historic WW1 field gun for Barkly Gardens

Friday 20 September 2019

Render of a WW1 field gun 

A rare, historic WW1 field gun is being installed in the Barkly Gardens for public display.

The gun will be unveiled at a special Remembrance Day Service, in which we honour those who fought for our country in the war. Find out more about this event.

Field gun installation works 
The restored field gun will be installed at the end of the Avenue of Honour trees, north of the Barkly Gardens War Memorial, Richmond. These works commenced in late September, and will take around five weeks to complete, weather permitting.
These minor works will involve installing the gun, fence and footings, as well as planting around the display.
The field gun's history
This World War 1 Krupp Howitzer (150mm) field gun was captured by Australian troops in 1918. It was originally gifted to the City of Collingwood, and displayed in the Darling Gardens for more than 90 years. It was removed in 2013, when it was removed due to its dilapidated state.

Last year, we asked the community about the most appropriate home for this gun, which was restored by the RSL. Most people told us Barkly Gardens, which is home to a significant war memorial, is the most appropriate home.



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