Yarra Council to consult locals on Michael Hutchence statue offer

Wednesday 29 May 2019

Yarra Council will consult with local residents and businesses in Richmond, following the offer of a statue honouring Michael Hutchence by the late INXS singer’s family.

Family and friends of Mr Hutchence are proposing to pay for the statue through a fundraising campaign.

It has been proposed that the statue be located Stewart Street, opposite Wangaratta Park - where a statue of beloved music identity Molly Meldrum was installed last year.

Yarra Council Mayor, Cr Danae Bosler said “Yarra is proud to be home to a thriving live music scene, and we’re humbled that the Hutchence family has come to us with this offer of a statue of him in Richmond.

“We’re going to seek the feedback of local residents and businesses in the coming weeks, to ensure they get to have a say on what happens in their local area.

“We’ll make a final decision on how to proceed with the offer once we’ve heard from our local community,” she said.

Friends and family of Mr Hutchence first approached Yarra Council in December 2018, proposing to raise funds to create and install a bronze statue of him in the Richmond.

Council will seek feedback from local residents, businesses and industry stakeholders before determining whether to accept the proposed statue.

Read the full council resolution from 28 May 2019 below:

That Council:

  1. notes the offer of the creation of a Michael Hutchence statue in Stewart Street, Richmond to be paid for by funds raised from family, friends and fans of Michael Hutchence;
  2. seeks feedback from the community including local residents, businesses and industry stakeholders as well as the relevant Visual Arts Advisory Panel on the offer before determining Council’s acceptance of offer;
  3. authorise officers to undertake said consultation, and continue to liaise with VicTrack and relevant stakeholders with respect to the proposed site and land-use agreement; and
  4. request that Officers report back to Council within 3 months on outcomes of consultation in order to make a determination.

Photo: Getty Images


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