Small Project Grant: Ichikawa Edwards

Wednesday 01 May 2019

Ichikawa Edwards
Image courtesy of ichikawaedwards

IchikawaEdward is an ongoing collaborative project between artists Ichikawa Lee and Joshua Edward, est.2017 based in Naarm (Melbourne). IchikawaEdward was recently awarded a Small Project Grant to support the development of a new work v. their body swells, and asks to be held.

We spoke to Anita Davies, about their practice, developing new work and the impact of receiving a small project grant. 

Tell us a bit about you and your practice:
I am one part of the collaborative practice IchikawaEdward. We work primarily in the discipline of sculpture, but are fond of and employ creative writing processes, performance and photography in the practice. Our artworks have always considered othering, because as others, we often recognise how inconsiderate space is and how unconsidered the othered experience is. We aim to critique architectures, institutions, and other oppressive structures. We ask how they can be better, and why they aren't already. 

Could you describe the project titled 'v. their body swells and asks to be held' – what will the viewer see or experience?
Three new works are being developed with the support of a City of Yarra Small Project Grant. The first namesake piece is an edited image silk-screen print on suiting fabric.

It shows a body taught on a frame, stretched to each border, 'made to fit'. 

The second work stems from a shallow steel tray work, in which a body of water evaporated, leaving its mark in salt. It is the remnants of the body that this work holds. 

The last work – a laser-engraved sky green marble slab, sitting on a bright yellow pillow – releases its weight on the body and forces the body to hold what it cannot. Viewers will be reminded of their bodies and of others, and asked to consider when they are held, and when they hold.

How have you made these works, and is it a departure from other works?
Often a discernible beginning has been our written works; documenting thought and sharing always catalysed work. 

These new works have origin in writing, speaking to lived experience and find their final physicality through processes new to our practice. Before this point we had never used the process of screen-printing and it is an exciting departure and addition. 

What is the impact this Small Project Grant will have on your practice?
Yarra City Council's Small Project Grant is a necessary and valued support for the community and I am blessed to have been provided this opportunity to extend my practice. The works from this series would not have been possible without this assistance. 

Find out more:
Instagram: @IchikawaEdward

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