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Monday 02 July 2018

Bus Projects working with Collingwood College
Photo by Jacqui Shelton, courtesy of Bus Projects.

Bus Projects is an artist-run organisation dedicated to supporting the critical, conceptual and interdisciplinary practices of Australian artists. In addition to its gallery-based program in Collingwood, Bus Projects collaborates with a range of artists and organisations to produce projects off-site and within the public realm. 

Since 2016, Bus Projects have been working with year three and four students at Collingwood College as part of their Concentric Curriculum program, run by Nina Mulhall. 
Nina spoke with us about this year’s current collaboration, where the students at Collingwood College have been collaborating with artist Lee Shang Lun working on making board games.

‘Each student is working on making a playable board game, including the board itself, tokens, figurines, and the rules’ says Nina. Games include, ‘eat it or spit it’, ‘ice cream cluedo’, and ‘unicorns’.

‘Throughout the project, the students have begun to think about how the spaces they occupy and how their interactions with others can be changed by making rules and games to create new situations. They have been producing lots of physical and instruction based games inspired by Lee Shang Lun’s practice and their own interests’. Said Nina. These games are being shared with the wider school community through a blackboard in the schoolyard and a board game festival.
‘The students already had a great understanding of games and play. They have spoken to us about the games they play in the schoolyard, digital games, and board games. A lot of them play Minecraft, Fortnight, and many other popular digital games, and we have spoken a lot about different forms of tiggy (or tag) that they play in the school yard, and other large group games that include chasing, hiding, collaboration and competition.’

Nina explains ‘the students have gained an amazing understanding of how a small change in rules or structure can completely change how a game is interacted with. They have expanded their understanding of what can be considered a game, to encompass a much broader range of playful activities, including simple instructions that can make you encounter the world in a new way, and how to turn everyday objects into objects of play and games’.

As part of the project there will be a board game festival at the end of Term, and an exhibition at Bus Projects on 5 September, 2018. This exhibition will include work made by the artist Lee Shang Lun and the students’ work that they are making throughout the project.

This project is supported by Creative Victoria through a Creative Learning Partnerships Grant.
Bus Projects is supported by Yarra City. 

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