Wilderness on Wellington; a new mural in Clifton Hill

Monday 07 May 2018

Wilderness on Wellington
Mike Makatron, Andrew Bourke and Bryan Itch, Wilderness on Wellington, 2018. Photo: Kevin Vo

A new mural by Mike Makatron, Andrew Bourke and Bryan Itch has been painted in Clifton Hill.

'Wilderness on Wellington' was painted in April 2018 on two sides of a private residence on Wellington Street in Clifton Hill.  

The mural shows two Leadbeater possums, a Baw Baw frog, fungus of the Tooronga falls and mountain ash and myrtle beech trees, to bring attention to the Great Forest National Park. 

Mike worked with the Wilderness Society and the residents of the property to create the imagery for the latest mural. Sylvia Smith who lives in the building says ‘The building has been many things over its lifetime, most recently a second-hand bookshop run by the poet Shelton Lea, who passed away in 2005’.  ‘We believe it was Shelton who first had the walls painted in the form of a mural, and this latest mural is its 4th incarnation, that we know of’, Smith said. The mural was updated due to excessive tagging. 

In among the plants and animals, images of flying books spell out ‘Protect the Forest’ and a young boy is reading a book on the forest floor.  ‘As the building used to be a book shop, it was the concept of the residents to include some flying books’ the artist, Mike Makatron said.

 Wilderness on Wellington Mike Makatron

More of Mike Makatron’s work can be viewed on his website.

 'Wilderness on Wellington' is supported by the City of Yarra.



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