Next Wave projects feature in the City of Yarra

Monday 30 April 2018

Elyas Alavi , Where is home land? (detail), 2017. Image courtesy Sam Roberts

Next Wave is a biennial festival of contemporary art made by emerging artists from around Australia with a focus on creative risk taking. The 2018 Next Wave program includes performances, exhibitions and events across a number of locations around Melbourne. 

Many of this years' Next Wave projects take place in the City of Yarra, including two projects in the Edinburgh gardens (one in the Emely Baker building), several projects at the Abbotsford Convent, a program of experimental music at The Tote hotel and an exhibition as BUS Projects. 

At the Abbotsford Convent, artist and poet Elyas Alavi documents his experience as a refugee through personal, playful and mythological lenses in Daydreamer Wolf.

James Nguyen and Nguyen Cong Ai present a documentary which is to be viewed from the driver’s seat of an old ute. On the Border of Things (Part Two) is being presented at multiple locations around Melbourne including at the Abbotsford convent and in the Edinburgh gardens.

Also in the Edinburgh Gardens within the Emely Baker building,  Amelia Winata has curated an exhibition of newly commissioned works by Australian artists – Jessie Bullivant, Dean Cross, Debris Facility, Brian Fuata, Shannon Lyons and Spence Messih.  Wayfind presents new perspectives on the political and social aspects of architecture that are often ignored: neo-liberalism, colonialism, heteronormativity and gender specificity.

At the Tote hotel, Next Wave have partnered with Liquid Architecture to present PRECOG, a dance party with artists combining electronic music, sound art, performance and installation. One night only. 

At BUS Projects gallery, Luke Duncan King presents an exhibition titled I am a… where he shares insights into the culture and history of Melbourne’s Deaf community through a series of detailed prints and intimate video portraits. 

Next Wave takes place from 3 – 20 May. 

For more information and to view the complete Next Wave program visit:
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