SHICHIJIROU (WARRIOR 1) by artist Hiroyasu Tsuri aka TWOONE

Hiroyasu Tsuri aka TWOONE

Respected street artist TWOONE has murals on walls throughout Melbourne and around the world. SHICHIJIROU (WARRIOR 1) (2012) comes from his series of paintings which depict animal headed, human bodied creatures.

The artist draws inspiration from the Japanese filmmaker Akira Kurosawa’s masterpiece Seven Samurai by representing the film’s seven protagonists in each portrait of the series.

The artist calls this ongoing series Psychological Portraits, as they seek to represent the inner character and personality of the figures, rather than their superficial exteriors.

Acquired in 2015, this painting expands the breadth of Council’s collection as our first work by an established street artist.

Hiroyasu Tsuri Aka TWOONE, SHICHIJIROU (WARRIOR 1) (2012), acrylic & aerosol on paper and mounted board, 130cm x 150cm.