Fitzroy 1883 1996

Fitzroy 1883-1996 silk screen print - artist Carol Porter

Carol Porter for RedPlanet Inc.

Fitzroy 1883-1996 is set at the old Fitzroy Football Ground in Edinburgh Gardens. Carol Porter produced this work when she was an Artist in Residence at RedPlanet Inc.

RedPlanet was a poster press based in Fitzroy from 1992-98. It ran as a collective and involved key artists like Carol Porter. RedPlanet provided design and production services for community organisations and activists throughout its history.

The messages were often socially and politically motivated and offered an alternative expression to the mainstream.

The aesthetic was influenced by the European Dadaists and Surrealists of the early 20th century who were also inspired by an anti-elitist attitude, which later brought RedPlanet’s art to the public.

Carol Porter is a contemporary political cartoonist and poster artist, working in Melbourne since the 1970’s. She uses humor in her art to make social comment on various Australian issues including women’s rights.