Ros Sultan

A Linear Narrative

Artwork by Ros Sultan

A Linear Narrative references a series of events or thoughts in which one follows another one directly: These mental exercises are designed to break linear habits and encourage creativity.

Ros Sultan is an Eastern Arrernte and Gurindji woman who uses ink and markers to create intricate and highly-detailed images. With painstaking attention to detail, Sultan works at a small scale, employing repetition and a carefully measured colour palette to create delicate and captivating works.

A prolific artist, Sultan works daily, often for hours at a time, constantly refining her techniques and experimenting with materials. Her restrained use of lines, dots and shapes echo the disciplined manner in which she works. The scale and structured application of ink to paper draws viewers closer in to these intimate works, which are both engaging and calming.

A Linear Narrative was exhibited at at Bargoonga Nganjin from 10 May – 4 August 2019

Image credit: Ros Sultan, A Linear Narrative, installation view, 2019. Photo J. Forsyth.