Jo Scicluna

Where We Come From

Jo Scicluna artwork - Where We Come From

Primarily motivated by her experience as a first generation Australian and the cultural displacement she associates with this experience, Scicluna’s photo-sculptural installation explores landscape as a signifier of place, of belonging and of a longing to belong; to engage in questions of identity.

Scicluna presents an interplay of circular forms and voids in her vinyl applications on glass―drawing upon and activating the architectural characteristics that define the Bargoonga Nganjin space.

The relationships between the circular forms shift according to each viewer’s physical location and perspective. Throughout the day, shadows cast by these forms also shift according to the seasons and the sun’s location.

This work draws on the diversity of the community that frequent Bargoonga Nganjin. Where We Come From is an inclusive title that invites viewers to consider who the ‘we’ might be and the shifting cultural perspectives ‘we’ all inhabit.  

Where We Come From was exhibited at at Bargoonga Nganjin from 9 August - 1 October 2017.

Image credit: Where We Come From by Jo Scicluna. Photo C. Crocker.