Jonathan Sinatra

Short Cuts (installation detail from the exhibition), Michelle Mantsio, 2018

Jonathan Sinatra is a dancer, choreographer, photographer and educator, who continually looks at ways to develop a sustainable practice for himself, fellow artists and the broader community. 

His work explores public transience, private narrative, consent, hidden disability, the ageing body, and the influence of the city on the moving body. Through dance, the complex interplay of conception and construction allows the artist to explore connections between self, space, and society.

Sinatra has over 25 years of professional experience in dance, theatre, performance making, teaching, photography, and technical production. Principal dancer of renowned Australian choreographer Russell Dumas’ Dance Exchange since 2011, Jonathan has also worked with French choreographer Xavier Leroy in 13 Rooms (Sydney 2012), Becky Hilton (2010) and Eleonore Didier (2014) as part of the Melbourne International Arts Festival. In 2014 he joined the Environment Performance Authority creating site-specific works. In 2012 he undertook a two-year residency at Dunmoochin Arts to develop his dance and photographic practice and since has held photographic exhibitions at several Melbourne galleries. In 2011 Jonathan received an Art Start grant from the Australia Council for emerging choreographer skills development, and a travel grant from NSW Ministry of the Arts. He has completed several other residencies and has devised around 15 solo and group works. Jonathan has taught at Deakin University's dance program and is currently a Teaching Artist for ArtLife at Footscray Community Arts Centre creating the dance program for people of mixed ability. He also works in early childhood development. Jonathan Since 1995 Jonathan has taught Contact-Improvisation nationally and internationally and is a significant contributor to the Australian CI community. 

Sinatra’s residency at Canning St, will include a series of outcomes throughout the twelve month residency, and will include, pop-up performances and ‘dance tours’ in the City of Yarra for local residents of all ages and abilities; a performance of ‘In The Room’ in a City of Yarra venue; and a photographic installation ‘Picturing The Every Day’ to be exhibited within the studio and on social media platforms. 

Photo credit: Myfanwy Hunter.

Image courtesy the artist.