Guy Grabowsky

Guy Grubowski artwork 

Guy Grabowsky is a Melbourne-based artist and photographer working with analogue photography.

Grabowsky’s interest lies in the photographic medium—all aspects of its evolvement, its role in our shifting realities, how it ‘looks’ at us and how we perceive its usefulness.

Grabowsky creates photographs with and without the camera, using unconventional and traditional analogue/digital techniques. Negatives are treated as found objects; the original narrative behind the moment of capture becomes irrelevant. Through intervention and grouping, each image is provided with a new narrative and conceptual framework.

The emphasis is placed upon the photograph’s textural surface and the underlying resonances it points to. Here each photograph embodies two components: the image itself, plus the reflection, or thinking about the photographic medium.

Guy Grabowsky is a current studio artist in the Room to Create/Collingwood Yards studio.

Image: Image Reader, Installation view, CCP, 2019