Steven Rhall

 Hand sits center frame and counts food like pellets on a blue table

Image credit: Steven Rhall Rebecca Rouging 2015 (image still), single-channel digital video

Rebecca Rouging is a short film made during a residency based on the lands of the Wotjobaluk, Wergaia, Jupagulk, Jaadwa and Jadawadjali people based at the Australian Grains Genebank in Horsham, Victoria (supported by Horsham Regional Gallery, Centre of Contemporary Photography and La Trobe University's Centre for AgriBioscience).

The concerns of my practice lead to exploring the idea of the ‘residency’ model itself in comparison to more common conceptions of the residency – usually as a response to site and place. This approach led to a materially varied range of outcomes yet I remained curious about the narratives of those that labour at the host facility and how both the facility sat within the ideas of a ‘Horsham’ identity and related story/s. ‘Rebecca’ is part of this broad fabric yet this work focuses on the gesture to remove ‘rouge’ seeds from otherwise ideal conceptions of being which speaks to both the complexities of science and self, whilst exemplifying our sometimes objective relationships with nature. 

 Steven Rhall is a post-conceptual artist operating from a First Nation, white-passing, genderqueer, positionality. Rhall's interdisciplinary practice responds to the intersectionality of First Nation art practice and the Western art canon. He interrogates modes of representation, classification and hierarchy using installation, performance, process lead methodologies, 'curatorial' projects, sculpture, and via public & private interventions. Rhall exhibits nationally and internationally, and his work is held in public and private collections.

Rhall is currently a studio artist at Gertrude Contemporary and is represented by MARS gallery. 

Exhibition dates: 20 March – 30 April 2023