Daen Sansbury-Smith and Isobel Knowles

Adja Country ARt

An illustration of emus and other objects on a dark blue background.
Image: Daen Sansbury-Smith and Isobel Knowles Adja Country ARt 2022 (image still).

Created by Daen Sansbury-Smith and animated by Isobel Knowles, Adja Country ARt is an artistic exploration through Narungga Country.

Following four totems, the artwork has been created to allow viewers the ability to travel and to develop or maintain a connection to Country when sometimes for many reasons they cannot. Immerse yourself in this short video and witness how easily these totems navigate the complex relationships between each other, as well as the environment.

Daen Sansbury-Smith is a Narungga/Kaurna and Trawlwoolway multimedia arts producer based in Melbourne. In 2022 Daen was awarded the Fellowship for Indigenous Leadership in Victoria being recognised for his commitment to cultural preservation and continuation through modern technology and multimedia art productions.

In his role as Visual Artist, Designer and Founder of ADJADURA ART (My peoples art in Narungga) he is developing digital First Nation language resources, designing Australia’s first cultural baby milestone book, Kinstudio designer participant exploring augmented reality technology on garments as well as multiple art installations, augmented reality productions and exhibitions nationally.

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Isobel Knowles is a Melbourne based artist who uses animation to create narrative based installation and film work. Her work aims to blur the digital and physical world often working with new technologies, mechanical sculpture and immersive installation to create new experiences for audiences. She often works collaboratively with other artists to bring a time-based dimension to their work.

Knowles has shown work internationally at Venice Film Festival, Ars Electronica, Cannes Film Festival, Science Centre Singapore, ICA London, M+ Hong Kong, and nationally at MONA, GOMA, NGV, Art Gallery of South Australia and ISEA Sydney.