Momentum by Martine Corompt

 Photo of an orange wall mural displaying an abstract sun and ocean on a silver tin building.

Martine Corompt - Momentum - Powder coated aluminum | City of Yarra Collection. Photo by: G. Longato

Situated at the intersection of three major arterial flows – a railway, a freeway and the Birrarung river, the Mary Rogers pavilion is a place where people are drawn together through movement. The artwork Momentum draws on the coalescing flows of traffic, sound, air, time, water, and human kinetic energy, mapped together into a horizon of oscillating lines.

The new Mary Rogers Sports Pavilion at Ryans Reserve is part of a $3 million redevelopment in partnership with the Victorian Government. Named after the former City of Richmond Mayor, the pavilion is home to the Yarra Netball Association as well as acrylic surfaced courts which cater to netball, local tennis players and groups. The new pavilion meets legislative, functional, disability access and environmental sustainability requirements, allowing the club to grow, provide greater flexibility and capacity to train and host competitions. Momentum is a result of Council’s adopted Public Art Policy 2015-2020, which ensures Council commits a percentage of the capital works budget for new community infrastructure projects over $1 million dollars to an integrated art component.

The artist Martine Corompt specialises in the intersections of fine art, public art, and moving image. Since 1995 Martine has exhibited widely in individual and group exhibitions, locally, nationally and internationally working predominantly with animation, projection and installation with a specific interest in aspects of reductive representation, and the subject audience relationship. Motifs such as the reductive representation of the natural and unnatural landscape contributed to the theme of her PhD research project titled: Cartoon and the Cult of Reduction completed at the VCA Melbourne University in 2017. Along with her art practice she is a senior lecturer in the School of Art RMIT in interdisciplinary art practices ranging from drawing, animation and expanded media installation.

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