Close Knit by William Eicholtz


By William Eicholtz, 2023, stainless steel, fiberglass, cement. City of Yarra Collection. Photo by: J (Not J) Forsyth

Surrounded by high density accommodation, the work Close Knit by artist William Eicholtz references the iconic 'Aussie' backyard symbolized by washing on a Hills Hoist with strong themes of domesticity and handcrafts. These concepts were transposed into several elements, including two large flying jumper sculptures.

The stainless steel and fibreglass structures are supported on slanted poles- reminiscent of Hills Hoist arms. They appear to catch the breeze, and billow up, like washing on the clothesline on a sunny day, and cast lovely shadows across the paths and gardens. They are bright and joyful reminders of simple homespun joys.

The handcraft theme is also featured in knitted concrete garden walls throughout the gardens. As if the wind is captured in the movement, these feature walls bring a softness to the park and hark back to classic European garden design.

In addition, 6 finial balls of wool mark gateways and entrances to the park, as well as a couple randomly scattered throughout to be discovered. There is also a draped plinth at the Peel Street entrance. These elements echo traditional garden design and are a tactile and recognizable link to the hand knit themes of the park.

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