The Nature of Play by Sandra Lamonaca

Thursday 08 September 2022 - Sunday 13 November 2022

Image: ‘William’ by Sandra Lamonaca, (2021), pigment ink on cotton rag / photographic. Image courtesy of the artist.

Sandra Lamonaca photographs children doing something they love surrounded by nature. As the world has become more complex and dominated by smartphones, the Internet, social media, and everyday pressures, Lamonaca has noticed how children are seemingly forfeiting their own imaginations, letting their minds be taken over by the digital world. This has left her wondering how children in this modern world use their creativity to play, of what is lost and gained and the importance of reconnecting to the natural environment.

As a child, Lamonaca played in nature, which made her feel grounded and free with a sense that she could do or be anything she wanted. Children use their imagination during play to create surreal adventures to live out dreams. With hearts open to experience the wonders of what the world has to offer, they can adapt to their surroundings, discover who they are and explore life’s possibilities.

Exhibition details:
Thursday 8 September to Sunday 13 November
Location: Fitzroy Library, 128 Moor Street, Fitzroy


Fitzroy Library

Date and time:
Thursday 08 September 2022 - Sunday 13 November 2022

128 Moor Street, Fitzroy