Tender Place by Lucy Maddox

Thursday 30 June 2022 - Sunday 04 September 2022

Image: ‘Unguarded’ by Lucy Maddox, (2021), mixed media work on paper. Image courtesy of the artist.

‘Tender place’ is a series of mixed media works on paper that explore the fragility and vulnerability many experienced during the last couple of years of the pandemic.

Fear, defencelessness, separation and the reminder of mortality are symbolised through the body and in the heavy use of black that envelops the figure and their surroundings in each of the works.

Faces, hands and feet emerge from the dark; their skin highlighted and meticulously rendered using watercolour and coloured pencil. Such contrasts call to mind works by Goya and Caravaggio, where the use of ‘chiaroscuro’ draws the viewer in to experience, respond and relate to the high emotion and intensity depicted.

“Tender place” serves as a current-day memento mori. While the works may appear outwardly dark and unnerving, they also suggest the need to be present and to find gratitude in the everyday.

Event details:
When: Thursday 30 June to Sunday 4 September.
Where: Fitzroy Library, 128 Moor St, Fitzroy 3065.


Fitzroy Library

Date and time:
Thursday 30 June 2022 - Sunday 04 September 2022

128 Moor St, Fitzroy, 3065