Matt Dunne The Killing Sink

Thursday 30 June 2022 - Sunday 10 July 2022

Matt Dunne for the series The Killing Sink

Oigåll Projects (@oigall_projects) present a visceral and strikingly candid exhibition of photography by Melbourne (Naarm) based artist and writer Matt Dunne (@matt.dunne).

The Killing Sink unflinchingly exposes the deliberate destruction of a territorial species and their habitat, underlining our capacity for brutality and our fractured relationship with the natural environment.

Launching the 30 June – 10 July, the exhibition coincides with the release of a stunning debut monograph. Published in collaboration with João Linneu and Myrto Steirou at VOID, the book is poignantly designed and edited; a tangible evocation of Dunne's body of work.

Cataloguing the illegal slaughter of Wedge-Tailed Eagles in Victoria, The Killing Sink is the culmination of years of fieldwork, community consultation and personal investigation. What began as a process of coming to terms with such casually executed (and reported) violence, evolved into a project of truth-seeking and witnessing. Dunne's practice weaves together elements of cartography, reportage, historical research and documentary, resulting in a brutally honest but intimately composed portrait of annihilation.

Accompanying the exhibition, Naarm based artist Julian Leigh May presents a series of objects that speak to their own practice of making work at the juncture of art and design, engaging in a thoughtful dialogue with Dunne's photography.

Inherently anthropological and confronting our legacy and future as a species, the work featured in The Killing Sink reflects on our apparently sadistic and masochistic instincts as all-consuming predators; to destroy and be destroyed in the process.

Oigall Projects, 122 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne

Supported by a Yarra Small Project Grant.




Date and time:
Thursday 30 June 2022 - Sunday 10 July 2022

122 Gertrude St, Fitzroy