Under the Nylex Clock: Wellington Street, 1988 by Penelope Hunt

Friday 27 May 2022 - Friday 12 August 2022

Image: Untitled, Wellington St, 1988 by Penelope Hunt (1988, printed 2022) Hand-printed silver gelatin print on fibre based paper

A series of photographic works, the exhibition is a time slice of 1988 as viewed from the present, exploring time, memory and truth.

"Printing photographs I shot on film with a twin lens Rolliflex camera 34 years ago and seeing them physically emerge for the first time in a post digital world, has a concertinaing effect on time. The past literally reappears through the darkroom chemical process, blurring the boundaries between memory and reality, between past and present.

The indexical quality of photography still holds the power to influence, even though I firmly know it is not a truthful storyteller, and I find myself questioning events based on what I now see. I find myself asking questions of others present at the time, trying to sort out fact from fiction in my fractures memories, fascinated by the intangible distance I feel from the young photographer, as well as the people reappearing in the images, who have also aged 34 years from children to adults, whilst some others will have passed on; their timeline complete."

Wellington St, 1988 holds a precious three months of time.

Event details:
Friday 27 May to Friday 12 August.
Where: Richmond Town Hall.

Friday 27 May from 6-7.30pm. Opening remarks by Dr Anne Scott Wilson, Senior Lecturer Art & Performance, Deakin University.

All welcome: RSVP to [email protected]

Discover the exhibition at Richmond Town Hall during opening hours.

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Richmond Town Hall

Date and time:
Friday 27 May 2022 - Friday 12 August 2022

333 Bridge Rd, Richmond