Being, Human Being: UFO Photography

Friday 22 April 2022 - Saturday 21 May 2022

Image Credit: Sean Peoples, Squeaky Moon (2018), video still: single-channel video, Courtesy of the artist and STATION

For the second iteration of the city-wide photographic festival Photo 2022, Being, Human Being: UFO Photography responds to and extends out of the festival's artistic theme, Being Human.

The capture of encounters with UFOs has long relied upon the medium of photography to offer evidence of phenomena suggesting the potential of life beyond our planet, sitting as it does within a vast and expanding universe.

With anchor points in a number of works by artists and contributors, this longstanding research invests in the sightings of, and public fascination in potential life and conspiracy theories around encounters with unidentified aerial phenomena.

The project evolves as a broad platform for scientists, amateur astronomers and existential enthusiasts to contribute to a supportive armature for considering the implausibility of Earth as the sole context for intelligent life.

Through an expanded open call process, Being, Human Being will provide an open forum drawing on and consolidating unique encounters from disparate realms and from across the globe to consider the potential of life beyond our understanding.

Presented in a manner more akin to a laboratory than an art exhibition, the project will be both a space of discovery, but further, a platform for supportive discussion and the sharing of experiences that expand our sense of human existentialism.

Event details:
Friday 22 April to Saturday 21 May.
Where: Gertrude Glasshouse

For more information, head to Gertrude Exhibitions.


City of Yarra

Date and time:
Friday 22 April 2022 - Saturday 21 May 2022

44 Glasshouse Road, Collingwood