My Jindabyne II - Peel Street Park Projection Program

Monday 06 September 2021 - Sunday 14 November 2021

Image credit: Steaphan Paton My Jindabyne II 2018, single channel digital video, colour, silent

Current projection

My Jindabyne II by Steaphan Paton is currently exhibited in Peel Street Park. 

In My Jindabyne, I am concerned with the audience viewing and experiencing what I see and feel on country. It is a combination vision, like a 4D or 5D visioning. It is about horizons, visioning, seeing, feeling and knowing.

This work was sparked by something I believe I heard in a folk song about the Snowy Mountains, created by workers of the Snowy Hydro Scheme. They were singing about my Nan’s Monero Country. The work is a statement and an exploration. In this work the audience is shown a way of seeing the landscape, in a way that I see it.

Exhibition dates: Monday 6 September to Sunday 14 November, 2021
Exhibition times: Every night, after sunset to midnight.

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Peel Street Park


Date and time:
After dark - Midnight
Monday 06 September 2021 - Sunday 14 November 2021

Corner of Peel and Little Oxford Streets