Unvanished and Cultural Reflections - Up Above#2

Monday 16 August 2021 - Sunday 07 November 2021

Kent MORRIS, Barkindji (Broken Hill) - Mallee Ringneck 2016, from the series Cultural Reflections - Up Above, digital photograph

This exhibition has been POSTPONED due to the recent lockdown. Please check back for further updates.  

Kent Morris' art practice revels the continuing presence and patterns of Aboriginal history, culture and knowledge in the contemporary Australian landscape, despite ongoing interventions. Through digital photography, Morris reconstructs the shapes and structures of the built environment to reflect the present and long standing knowledge systems, shapes, and designs of the First People of Australia. The built environment is being reimagined and reshaped through a First Nations lens to reflect the long history of Indigenous knowledge and cultural systems in Australia and to reaffirm presence, identity and connectivity.


Richmond Town Hall

Date and time:
Monday 16 August 2021 - Sunday 07 November 2021

333 Bridge Road, Richmond VIC 3121