Now pieces

Sunday 25 April 2021

Image: '300 micro-fictions' (2020), Amaara Raheem. Blindside. Photo: Nicholas James Archer

On the last Sunday of the month, Now Pieces offers an improvisational performance evening at Dancehouse dedicated to low-fi public performances curated by and featuring local dance luminaries.

Now Pieces builds on the lineage of Cecil St Studio, a dance studio in Melbourne for 21 years that is now earmarked for demolition. Now Pieces continues a long standing disciplined exploration of embodied performance practice that leads to crafted, spontaneous and artful communication made on-the-go. This monthly event invites a range of intergenerational practitioners who — in one way or another — prioritise movement to incorporate body, sound, vocalisation, memory, image and energy, responding to each passing moment in relation to the space where they are dancing in relation to the audience.

In 2021, Now Pieces curates curators as well as performers, opening up improvisation as a relevant, urgent, poetic transdisciplinary practice that reflects back patterns and possibilities for freedom, and flight. Now Pieces was conceived and run by Kevin Jeynes (2019); paused with the world (2020); coordinated by Amaara Raheem (March—June 2021).

Each month a different curator or collective is invited to host and program Now Pieces 2021.

Tickets are available four weeks in advance.

Upcoming Now Pieces:
6.30pm, Sunday 28 March | Now Pieces // Curated by Amaara Raheem
6.30pm, Sunday, 25 April | Now Pieces // Curated by About Now (Peter Fraser, Olivia Millard, Jason Marchant and Shaun McLeod)
6.30pm, Sunday 30 May | Now Pieces // Curated by Amaara Raheem

Future Now Pieces to be announced in June 2021.

Supported through a City of Yarra Annual Grant.

Carlton North

Date and time:
6:30pm - 7:30pm
Sunday 25 April 2021

150 Princes Street