Invisible Labour

Friday 26 February 2021 - Sunday 25 April 2021

Claudia Phares 2021 Motherwork C-type print 100 x 120 cm

Invisible Labour by Claudia Phares addresses the work a mother undertakes when raising her children.

Nurturing, protecting, and training of children define motherwork. Bringing up children can be isolating and challenging especially while maintaining an art practice. Invisible Labour extends beyond the private/domestic nature associated with child-rearing. It reflects intersectional feminist ideologies of caring in light of the ongoing health and socio-political issues.


General Enquiries

Bargoonga Nganjin, North Fitzroy Library

Date and time:
Friday 26 February 2021 - Sunday 25 April 2021

182-186 St Georges Rd, Fitzroy North VIC 3068