Light Pickers by Polyglot Theatre

Tuesday 25 June 2019 - Saturday 29 June 2019

Light Pickers by Polyglot Theatre. Image by Sarah Walker

Small children are irresistibly drawn to sources of light. Young ones can explore this natural fascination in the ever-changing, glowing scenery of Light Pickers, an immersive and interactive installation for children aged five and under.

Babies and toddlers are gently invited to enter a dark space, following a path of light. Abstract, organic shapes fill this space above and below, infusing the darkness with light and sound. Participants can touch, move and interact with the objects, transforming the dark space into a light picture that shifts and changes throughout the session with the children’s currents of creativity. Their exploration and play with the evolving tide of light and sound inspires fascination, wonder and fun.

This is a space where adults and children can play and sculpt with light side by side, where children can lead safely and with authority, and the adult can follow, spellbound at the shapes that are created.

Cost: Free

Bookings required. 

Presented by Abbotsford Convent Foundation's Convent Kids.


Date and time:
Tuesday 25 June 2019 - Saturday 29 June 2019

Abbotsford Convent. 1 St Heliers Street