Tuesday 30 October 2018 - Thursday 08 November 2018

Cubby houses are sites of playacting. Short cuts to the world reimagined at a reduced scale. Here choices are intensified.

Shortcuts is an exhibition of works by Michelle Mantsio. Based on a series of cubby houses discovered in the Preshil schoolyard, this series of embroideries explore scale and perspective.

These images, in an age of downsizing, refinancing and bankruptcy encourage adults to ‘make do’ too. Scaled to the utilitarian prison cell proportions of 8 x 10 ft, they may be small for a real life, but a good size for playacting.

Michelle Mantsio is currently an Artist in Residence as part of the City of Yarra's Room to Create program.



LCI Gallery


Date and time:
Tuesday 30 October 2018 - Thursday 08 November 2018

150 Oxford St, Collingwood