We Make Each Other Up

Saturday 28 July 2018 - Sunday 02 September 2018

Image: Phebe Schmidt.

Dancehouse is delighted to present the world premiere of We Make Each Other Up, a new Housemate artist-in-residence production by Sydney-based dancer and choreographer, Rhiannon Newton.

Stemming from a desire to be a little more plant-like in life and work, Newton asks 'could a dance grow as a plant does'?

Find out more about the We Make Each Other Up season.

There is also an extensive public program in conjunction with the Housemate performance season of We Make Each Other Up:

Text-ures is a series of intimate reading events taking place at Carlton Library; Fortunes of the Forest is a one-to-one-to-one encounter including a divination reading and a gift of a small dance triggered by the card they have chosen; and Re-Tune: A Dancehouse Talk, sees Caitlin Franzmann exploring contemporary art's potential to instigate change by way of critical listening, dialogue and embodied learning.

Watch an interview with dancer and choreographer Rhiannon Newton. 

We Make Each Other Up is showing at Dancehouse from 29 August to 2 September. 

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We Make Each Other Up 

We Make Each Other Up Public Progam



Carlton North

Date and time:
Saturday 28 July 2018 - Sunday 02 September 2018

150 Princes Street, North Carlton VIC 3054