Rock-A-Bye Baby with the Burnt Sausages

Thursday 07 December 2017

Theresa Harrison

PBS’ Rock-A-Bye-Baby Sessions are for adults and kids alike and feature artists from all genres and cultures. It’s our way of helping breed the next generation of punters in music-mad Melbourne.

These sessions are no-frills, daytime shows for families of all ages and your chance to see a real band without fear of sugary drinks or costumed characters (except for maybe some burnt sausages this time!).

PBS’ Rock-A-Bye-Baby music sessions welcome noise, encourage crawling and expect dancing!

PBS 106.7FM is very pleased to announce the next Rock-A-Bye Baby session with sizzlin’ BBQ Punk band, The Burnt Sausages.

The Burnt Sausages are a band with a hot type of music - BBQ Punk. These bangers with bang have been charred, scarred and tormented with tongs.

Prepare to be dunked in tomato sauce, coleslaw and smokin’ hits like ‘Get Out of My Grill’, ‘Too Many Onions’ and processed meat anthem ‘Burnt Sausages: Raw On The Inside’.




Adults $5, children free

Free entry for the first 50 concession card holders

Supported by the City of Yarra through the Annual Grants Program

Fitzroy Town Hall

Date and time:
11am - 12noon
Thursday 07 December 2017

201 Napier St Fitzroy