Room to create panel

The Room To Create Panel is a sub-committee of YAARTS which provides specialist advice as required on matters related to creative infrastructure in the City of Yarra.

Yarra City Council is concerned about infrastructure related issues facing the creative sector; those relate to affordability, security of tenure, fit for purpose and capacity to operate effectively in a city area of increasing density and accompanying challenges of amenity.

Council has established a perpetual fund to support creative infrastructure in the City of Yarra. The Room to Create Fund (‘the Fund’) was established with the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation in 2014.

The Fund is one way for Council to support a valued sector by specifically assisting to create more affordable spaces. It is hoped this will enable arts and cultural organisations to be more economically viable and give incentives for them to be able to stay within Yarra. It will also strengthen artistic practice in the municipality, assisting in retaining an economic driver within Yarra.

To find out more about the panel view the Terms of Reference.

Room to Create Panel Membership

Yarra Councillors Danae Bosler and Mike McEvoy are members of the committee.

Members for the 2018-2020 term are:

Andre Bonnice

Michaela Coventry

Sophie Dyring

Naomi Velaphi