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Wall of Music
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23rd Key

Stewart Street, Richmond


Wall of Music was commissioned by the City of Yarra in 2018 in conjunction with an upgrade of Wangaratta Park, to enhance the area as a significant musical and entertainment precinct and to compliment other public artworks in the park.

The launch of the mural coincided with the commission of a sculpture of Melbourne’s much-loved music legend Molly Meldrum by artist Louis Laumen.

The Wall of Music mural depicts a sea of hands of adoring music fans at the Corner Hotel, flanked by gig posters. Artist 23rd Kay says: ‘I came up with a number of different concepts for the Wall of Music. Given that it's such a huge part of Melbourne's Cultural fabric, it was challenging to think of one static image or way to represent it.’ 

‘I thought that representing the Melbourne music scene with a crowd photo sourced by local live music and event photographer, Ian Laidlaw and paying homage to event posters by local acts would be a great way to achieve a finished artwork that represented a 'Wall of Music' for Melbourne.’

The resulting mural focuses on different aspects of the live music scene Melbourne is known for and celebrates the crowds and supporters.

‘We can all relate to the energy of a packed out band room. It was really a simple idea, but one that gets it’s point across quite clearly; we’re a city that loves its live music events.’
23rd Key is a renowned Melbourne based stencil artist who creates photo-realistic stencil artworks. 23rd Key was selected and commissioned after an initial concept design phase. 

The City of Yarra received a Creative Victoria ‘Rockin’ The Laneways’ grant to support the creation of a mural for Wangaratta Park.

See also the statue of Ian 'Molly' Meldrum

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Photos by Bernie Phelan.