All Hail the Campaigners the Nurses the Mothers

Celebrating 100 Years of Maternal and Child Health Care in the City of Yarra 1917-2017

Kitty Owens, All Hail the Campaigners, the Nurses, the Mothers, paper, wheat paste, pva, at ten current and former City of Yarra Maternal and Child Health Centres

Sites 1 – 10 Public art trail map

Over 100 paste-up artworks across the municipality bring back the women involved in the early years of the early City of Yarra maternal health service, as tiny spectral figures visiting the centres of today, celebrating the ground-breaking work of providing the first ‘Baby Health Centre’ in Victoria.

Early activists and committee members check-in on their legacy, pioneering nurses visit their colleagues, and 1920s local mothers appear with their babies, reminding new generations of parents about the preciousness and impermanence of life with small children. Paste-ups have their origins in graffiti art; a range of young and older women from the past have been invited into this contemporary format, bringing their best hats and handbags with them.

Artwork Acknowledgements

Images from historic photographs supplied by Richmond and Burnley Historical Society, and sourced from Museum Victoria, Queen Elizabeth Centre and DEECD library.  

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