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Become a member of The Circle

We are inviting 30 people who love the arts to make a contribution each year for 3 years to help 3 arts organisations and many others in the years to come. The Circle is now in its second year.

Each member of The Circle will be asked for an annual donation of $1000; $500 will contribute to the Room to Create Giving Account (non tax-deductible donation) and be allocated to one of the selected arts organisations. The other $500 will be a tax deductible donation to the Room to Create f und(tax-deductible donation), both are sub-funds of the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation. In each year the Circle aims to raise $15,000 to benefit the sector immediately and $15,000 to build the fund.

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How to donate

Donations to The Circle are managed through the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation. You will need to make two separate donations of $500 (one tax-deductible and one non tax-deductible). This enables the Fund to support a range of eligible recipients, including organisations who are registered charities but do not have DGR status.

Click on the Donate now button, scroll down the campaign menu and select Room to Create (tax-deductible donation) Campaign to make your first payment of $500, complete all the details and submit.

You will then need to return to the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation Donation page and choose the Room to Create (non tax-deductible donation) Campaign to make your second payment.

There is also the option to contribute monthly to the Circle. You can choose this option by selecting Monthly from the Frequency menu.

Alternatively, contact Arts and Cultural Services at the City of Yarra on 9205 5212 to arrange for your donation.

Your receipts for The Circle

When you donate to The Circle you will receive two receipts for $500. One receipt will be for the contribution to build the Room to Create (tax-deductible donation) Fund. The other receipt will acknowledge your contribution to the Room to Create Giving Account (non tax-deductible donation)

Help these arts organisations:


Year 1: Cecil Street Studio

Cecil Street Studio is Melbourne’s home for independent improvisation and movement practices. Currently managed by Cecil’s Moving Body Inc., and now in its 14th year, Cecil Street Studio has a vibrant community and history.

How can The Circle help us?

Our wish list is: painting the studio, new curtains and help with paying our rent. $15,000 from The Circle would allow us to achieve all of that and allow us to keep our class and workshop fees low.

Year 2: SEVENTH Gallery

SEVENTH Gallery is a non-profit exhibition and studio space run by a board of artists and arts professionals. Located on Gertrude Street, SEVENTH has been a key part of the Fitzroy and Melbourne arts community since 2001 and is the one of the last surviving artist-run-initiatives in the area.

How can The Circle help us?

We don’t think our current situation is sustainable in the long term. $15,000 from The Circle would help us pay our rent and free up some of our funds so we can start to find new ways to become more sustainable.

Year 3: Schoolhouse Studios

Schoolhouse Studios is a not-for-profit arts organisation based in Melbourne. We exist to provide affordable workspaces for emerging artists and creative businesses in inner-city Melbourne— to improve their opportunities for artistic and professional development as well as their engagement with the broader community.

How can The Circle help us?

$15,000 from The Circle would provide FREE studio space to 3 artists for 1 year OR a subsidised rate for 6 artists for 1 year.  Artists who can’t afford our standard rate will have access to a studio space and become a part of the Schoolhouse community.

Thank you to following people and organisations who have generously donated to the The Circle:

Arch Staver

Sue Ball

The Melbourne Contact Improvisation Jam

Dr Jonathan Hartley

South of Johnston

Kim Swinson