The Room to Create Artist-in-Residency Program commenced in late 2017 as a pilot program, across three under-utilised council buildings. Since then, the program has grown to include several more spaces with eleven artists of varied disciplines.

Artist profiles

  • Adelle Mills

    Adelle Mills is an artist using mobile phones, chat and text forms, and performance to explore what they bring to the function of language.

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  • Andrew Atchison

    Andrew Atchison is an artist, writer and educator currently based in Melbourne. 

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  • Arini Byng

    Arini Byng's practice addresses the affective qualities of materials, gestures and settings - undertaking exercises in image, movement and form to negotiate political scenes. 

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  • Audrey Lam

    Audrey Lam is a filmmaker who used her Studio One residency to develop her film focusing on post-industrial Hong Kong and familial ties.

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  • Jonathan Sinatra

    Jonathan Sinatra is a dancer, choreographer, photographer and educator, who continually looks at ways to develop a sustainable practice for himself, fellow artists and the broader community. 

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  • Katayoun Javan

    Katayoun Javan is an Iranian photographic artist based in Melbourne. 

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  • Michelle Mantsio

    Michelle Mantsio is an artist whose practice is research-based, where she undertakes interviews and fieldwork that become actual instructions guiding her subsequent art-making.

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  • Robert and Lyn-Al Young

    Brother and sister Robert and Lyn-Al Young are artists who used their residency at the Florence Peel Centre to develop a body of work that included paintings, textiles and boomerangs. 

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  • Zilverster

    The collaborative practice of artists Sharon Goodwin and Irene Hanenbergh.

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